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Hang Man 3D Free


Due to a bug in the Unity 3D camera rendering subsystem beyond my control, this game probably won't work on Android Nougat as well as certain devices running older versions of Android. An update is forthcoming but only once the bug has been resolved by Unity themselves. Please do not leave negative feedback regarding the game as it is NOT a problem of the game.Inspired by the well-known word game of Hang Man, this version features glorious 3D western themed graphics, four levels of difficulty and over 16,000 movie titles to guess! Atmospheric music and sound effects set the western theme perfectly!
Note this was originally designed for HD screens but it should now work across a greater range of resolutions/screen sizes. If you have any problems please let me know at the developer address.
This is a free ad-supported version. If you enjoy the game, please buy the full version to remove the ads and get a clue as to what you are trying to guess. The full version contains eight categories and will be updated more frequently.
The free version is also restricted to three scenes (the full version will have many more).